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Specialist Labour Supply

After working in the industry for so long, we receive a constant demand of contingent labour force and have an extensive resource.

It is extremely important for a project to receive an efficient work force in order to achieve successful results. We specialize in providing skilled professionals who are trained well to work under any circumstance pertaining to the railway industry. Our work force has experience of working within the railway industry for many years and promising and delivering great results. We also specialize in the provision of skilled trades to the aforementioned industry.

We specialise in providing work force that is equipped with the nuances of the civil engineering industry. Our contingent of civil engineering labour has worked on many projects to us and is well acquainted with the workings of both minor and major projects. We also provide Safety critical labour at all levels and ensure that the project is delivered professional within the timescales allocated. Your demand and satisfaction is of the upmost importance to us. We ensure that the right person is allocated and can produce desired results, within the stipulated time frame, so that you do not have to suffer through any delays in your project.

We also have various fully equipped permanent way gangs, that are fully competent in P-way mechanical tools to non-mechanical tools. We understand that as a company it gets difficult to find the right kind of labour that matches the nature of your project. In a nutshell, our business largely aims at the provision of skilled trades and contingent labour solutions to the railway industry.