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Lookout / Site Warden Course

Lookout & Site Warden Course

In order to take a Lookout / Site Warden course you must have been deemed suitable by your sponsor. 

A Lookout will provide a warning of a train approaching to other workers in the railway environment (Red Zone). A Site Warden will provide a warning when other workers go outside of the specified worksite limits (Green Zone).

Once you have completed this course you will be able to carry out Lookout / Site Warden duties, within accordance of the Rule Book and other railway group standards. You will be able to demonstrate methods of warning and how to acknowledge.

INITIAL TRAINING                                            Max Delegates: 12                                           Duration: 1 Day

RECERTIFICATION                                            Max Delegates: 12                                          Duration: 1 Day

For more information and availability on Lookout / Site Warden courses please contact the training team on 0141 5856 418 or complete the form below.

Course Enquiry

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